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American Lutheranism: The way it was in Pennsylvania - a present and future option

A Warm and Hearty Welcome to Our Visitors!

Our mailing address is:
Barley Evangelical Lutheran Church
RD 1 Box 407 A
New Enterprise (Bakers Summit), Pennsylvania 16664

We are Located 6 Miles South of Roaring Spring, PA on Rte 867 Osterberg Road / Coming from Bedford Pa we are about 6 miles north on Rte 867 from the Rte 867 intersection with interstate 99 (Rte 220).

Our Sunday Worship Service (Gottesdienst) :

The Service of Word at 9:30 A.M.

The Service of Word & Sacrament at 9:30 A.M.
(The first Sunday and third Sunday of each month and at all special
Festivals occurring on other Sundays)

Our worship format & orientation:

We use The 2nd Setting of the SBH a Red Hymnal whose full title is the Service Book and Hymnal.

The "Thees" and "Thous" as well as other phrases can be tongue twisters but there is a sense of continuity with those who have gone before us in the Liturgy. We are after all called to pass on only that which we first received.

Our witness: a congregation once closed but now alive!

Our Barley congregation, we believe, is a living testament to small Lutheran congregations being pressured to close their doors.

Where Word and Sacrament - God's Service to us - is faithfully preached and distributed there is truly no reason for closing any church even if only two or three gather together for God's Service to them.

We include here a grey scale picture of our Church facility. The church was built from native field stone.

With the resurrection of a Lutheran congregation at the old stone church we have now purchased additional land to the right of the building as pictured. A well was recently drilled on this new land and we are in the planning and design stage of preparing to build an Education/ Fellowship/ Office building.

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We included a second picture here of the interior of the Church. Truly when one walks into the church it is like stepping back a hundred years or more. The pews are narrow wooden pews and were intended to keep everyone alert and listening to God's Word throughout the Service of Worship.

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Finally we include a color photo so you may have an unobstructed view of the Barley Lutheran Chancel area. This photo was taken during the Advent season as we prepared ourselves for the celebration of the Incarnation of our Lord.

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The former LCA had closed the original St. Paul (Barley) Congregation. The Synod and assigned Assistant to the Bishop had wanted to to bulldoze the beautiful old Stone Church. But Barley members insisted on maintaining the building, acquired title to the property and formed a board of trustees composed of descendants of the family that had deeded the original land to the Church (The Barley family). No regular worship was held for a 12 year period.

Various members of the original congregation joined other area churches with many ending up going nowhere to church.

As the Church growth experts, so often point out, merged churches end up loosing many people through merger even though it may look like they have more people at worship.

Faith Ev. Lutheran Altoona-Duncansville launched a trial Mission effort (Its first effort) while still meeting in rental facilities for its own worship services and Barley Lutheran congregation was re-planted and has strengthened and prospered by the Grace of God.

The Barley Mission began with 7 persons attending worship in the cold winter of 1993. The congregation has now grown to over 130 Baptized members. Our Pastor is willing to speak to leaders of other Small churches that are perhaps being pressured to close their doors and to merge with others. Send any Email to our "Webservant" (accessible from the Contact bar at the bottom of the page) if you would like more information or have interest in a meeting to discuss possibilities.

We believe we do offer an exciting option for a life filled congregational future through the Mission efforts of our Little "Mustard Seed Synod". Check out the brief Barley Church History for more details relating to our story.

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