The Logo of the Lutheran Fellowship of India

The Rev. P.B. Ravi Prasad, President
Post Box No. 2
Piduguralla -522413
Guntur - Dist., A.P. India


The Executive Council of LFI

1. Rev. P.B.Ravi Prasad : Founder President
2. Pastor J. Aseerwadam : Vice President
3. Mr. Ch. Kiran Kumar : Secretary
4. Mrs. P. Sumalatha : Treasurer
5. Mr. B. Deva Krupadanam : Executive Member
6. Rev. K. Vijaya Kumar : Executive Member
7. Rev. K. Yesu Daya : Executive Member

Members of the Executive Council of the Lutheran Fellowship of India

Brief History of LFI

The LUTHERAN FELLOWSHIP of INDIA was started in 1998 November with three pastors, Rev. P.B.Ravi Prasad, Rev. K. Yesu Daya and Rev. K Vijaya Kumar. Now it is having 9 congregations in various parts of Guntur District in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Rev.P.B.Ravi Prasad who started the association/fellowship was served as an ordained minister for 16 years in Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church (AELC), the largest Lutheran Church in India, which is an affiliated mission body to ELCA of USA. As the church (AELC) moving far away from the Lutheran doctrines, falling into bondage of Ecclesial slavery and the silent super majority of the Church inevitably and pertinently forced to bear all the harassment by the determined minority, he quit AELC in the month of July 1998. He felt the need to start Independent Lutheran Congregations with a total Lutheran approach in rural areas as they were badly neglected by the established church leaders as well as the pastors. The rural Lutheran believers are like the sheep without shepherd and the charismatic/splinter groups are disturbing them with their false teachings about Baptism, Eucharist, Repentance and salvation. So he gathered the like minded pastors and explained the plight of the rural Lutheran believers.

The first Independent Confessional Lutheran Church was started at Piduguralla with 25 members in a rented house. Within two months of time the other two pastors also started the churches in Karalapadu and Machavaram villages.

The three Pastors along with their congregational members have started campaigning, teaching and preaching the importance of the Lutheran teachings in the surrounding villages. Within two years of time they are able to start six more Independent congregations and appointed pastors.

Many members of the Lutheran Fellowshipís initial 9 congregations are first-generation Hindu converts many of whom face social and family isolation. We reach the people through visiting the houses of the believers as well as non-believers and through conducting the evangelistic meetings and out-reach campaigns.

On February 3, 2004 LFI became Officially approved by the General Conference Executive Board of ELCM for affiliation with and official fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Conference & Ministerium (ELCM) of North America. Through ELCM we were put in contact with CSCM (also in affiliation and fellowship with ELCM) and have been meeting with CSCM leaders as we plan our efforts for Mission in our Lord's name in Andhra Pradesh and South India.

Mode of Worship in LFI Congregations

We follow the AELC pattern for our worship. This order of worship was composed with Indian traditional classical music according to the Lutheran order of worship by the then missionary Rev. Dole bear or LCM some 80 years ago. We just made slight changes to it and using in our worship service. But now we are planning to prepare an appropriate liturgy of our own.

Our Sunday worship services are comprised of Singing, Liturgical order of worship service, reading three Scripture Lessons, Preaching and Intercessory Prayers. Sunday morning we have classes for Children. At evenings we have special meeting time for the Youth. Women meetings are being conducted on Wednesday. On Fridays we conduct special prayer meeting for the sick and needy. On Saturdays we have preparatory services for Sunday. The congregation and the Pastor participate with fasting. Twice in a month we have confessional classes. We observe all night prayer meetings on every second Friday of the month.

Faith Statement of the Lutheran Fellowship of India

We confess Jesus Christ as Lord of the Church. The Holy Spirit creates and sustains the church through Godís Word of law and gospel and there by calls and gathers in fellowship with our Lord and with fellow believers into a family of faith.

We hold that the Holy Bible in both Old Testament and New Testament formation is the complete written Word of God. This complete Word of God comes to us in Law and Gospel and reveals Godís sovereign will and saving grace in Jesus Christ. We hold that the Bible as a whole and in all of its parts is the Word of God under all circumstances regardless of manís attitude toward it. Thus we accept the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments as a whole and in all of their parts as the divinely inspired, revealed and inerrant word of God, and joyfully submits to this as the only infallible authority in all matters of life and faith.

We hold that Jesus Christ is the revelation of the Holy Gospel. In Him the Word incarnate, God imparts himself to all people and to all of creation.

We accept the ancient ecumenical symbols, namely: the Apostles, the Nicene, and the Athanasian Creeds as true declaration of the faith of the church.

We accept the unaltered Augsburg Confession and Lutherís Small Catechism as true witnesses and guides to Godís Holy Word of Law and Gospel.

We accept the other writings of Concordia, the symbolic books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The apology of the Augsburg Confession, The Smalcald Articles, Lutherís Large catechism, and the Formula of Concord as a true witness and valid interpretation of Godís Holy Word of Law and Gospel.

We affirm that Godís complete Word of Law and Gospel transmitted by the Holy scriptures, to which creeds and confession bear witness, is the true treasure of the church, the substance of its proclamation, and the basis of its unity and continuity. The Holy Sprit uses the proclamation of the complete Word and the right administration of the Sacrament to create and sustain genuine Christian faith and fellowship. As this occurs, the church fulfills its divine mission and purpose.

We hold that Godís Word has directly instituted two parallel offices of ministry through which the Holy Spirit proclaims the complete Word of God, continually calls, gathers, creates, enlightens and sustains genuine Christian faith and fellowship; and, provides a witness of faith to the world. We hold that these two parallel offices of ministry are: the Office of the Baptized and the Office of Word and Sacrament. We hold that both offices are derived directly from Christ our Savior.

Some Activities of LFI to date


It is a humble beginning comprising nine congregations with ordained pastors and six evangelists. There is a scope of increasing the number of independent Lutheran Congregations.

Ways to help LFI