Evangelical Lutheran Conference & Ministerium
Mustard seed beginning
Meru, Kenya

Evangelical Lutheran Fellowship of Africa (ELFA)

Meru, Kenya is a location for ELCM Mustard seed plantings and we are privileged to introduce to you two Biblically and Theologically trained and ordained Pastors who have been approved as affiliate members of the Evangelical Lutheran Conference & Ministerium and who are embarking on an effort to plant and gather congregations for the Evangelical Lutheran Conference & Ministerium in Kenya through the "Evangelical Lutheran Fellowship of Africa"The two Kenya leaders are joined by several congregations of faithful believers as they have formed the ELFA.

Our ELCM in Kenya, East Africa:

The Rev. Bernard Mucunku Kugeria

Pastor Bernard Mucunku Kugeria is pictured above. He has been establishing a congregation in Meru pictured below and has successfully launched a new congregation 25 miles distant from his home.

Merucong.jpg (30922 bytes)

In the two photos that follow Pastor Kugeria is pictured with the members of the Lutheran Church at at Thanatu, Kenya.

The children and youth of the Thanatu Lutheran Church recieve relief flour from Pastor Kugeria.

In the Picture above Pastor Kugeria is meeting with the members of the Thanatu Sunday School and is distributing some relief flour to the families that are represented.

Members of the Thanatu, Kenya Lutheran Congregatin pose for a Photo with Pastor Kugeria following Sunday Worship.

In the picture above Pastor Kugeria is seated with members of the Thanatu congregation following their Sunday Worship Service.

Pictured below is Pastor Peter Kamwara who is a co-leader with Pastor Kugeria of our newly forming ELFA.

The Rev. Peter Kamwara