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Application for 
ELCM Ministerium Membership

Ordained Pastor/Licensed Minister/Seminarian 
Application for ELCM Ministerium Membership

Application Steps and Procedure

Step 1. The pastor or Seminarian desirous of exploring rostered membership in ELCM completes the ELCM Survey Questionnaire and mails the completed Survey Questionnaire to the office of the President.
Step 2. Applicant contacts the Office of the President of ELCM and is placed in contact with the Roster Interview and Examining Committee (RIEC) Chairman.
Step 3. Applicant contacts an appropriate agency of his State or Province and requests a Criminal background check with the results stipulated to be sent to the Chairman of the RIEC. 
Step 4. Applicant submits the various Theological Papers listed below. 
Step 5. Applicant meets with the full RIEC for an Interview based upon the papers submitted. (ELCM covers all expenses incurred by the applicant to attend an Interview with the RIEC. An exception is provided for some applicants because of various circumstances to be interviewed by the President of ELCM and at least one member of the RIEC. 
Step 6. A recommendation is made to the Executive Board of ELCM within one week of the Interview regarding reception of the applicant to the roster of ELCM. The ELCM Executive Board acts upon the applicants reception to the ELCM roster.

"And he" (Simon Peter) "said unto him, 'Lord, thou knowest all things; 
thou knowest that I love thee'. Jesus saith unto him, 'Feed my sheep'."
KJV John 21:17b

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Application for ELCM Ministerium Membership

" And he " (Simon Peter) "said unto him,  'Lord, thou knowest all things;
thou knowest that I love thee'.  Jesus saith unto him, 'Feed my sheep'" KJV John 21:17b






State or Commonwealth_______________________  Country__________________


Zip Code_____________ 


Home Tel. #  (_____)________________       Office Tel. # (_____)___________________


Undergraduate Training & Degrees and Dates Received:






Seminary Training and Degrees & Dates received:






Type & setting of Internship _________________________________________________________


Work Experience prior to and during Seminary:






Ministries served since Seminary: ______________________________________________________




Continuing Education since Seminary graduation:






Present Church Body Affiliation ________________________________________________________


Number of years in your present affiliation ____________


Any Previous Church Affiliations ____________________________________________________


Marital Status ____________________________________________


Attach a brief autobiographical sketch of yourself.


Submit the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three references.








What sort of Ministry setting would you see as an ideal setting for your abilities? 




Would you be able and willing to work at another job while pastoring a congregation or while launching a Mission Congregation?


For each of the areas listed below,  you are asked to compose a three page paper.  All should be double-spaced and typed in a 12 point font size.

1. Describe your Worship orientation
2. Describe your understanding of Holy Scripture and Preaching.
3. What in your view are the central principles for the interpretation of Scripture?
4. Describe your understanding of the concept of the "Call."
5. What do you understand by the "Means of Grace?”
6. Prepare a Final paper entitled "My Understanding of Faith and Ministry" which may include areas already touched upon in the preceding brief papers.


When you have completed all of the above parts of the application,  please mail the completed application together with your autobiography , the six requested papers, a copy of a recently preached sermon with an audio recording of the sermon to our ELCM President at the following address: 

Pastor Roy A. Steward
President Evangelical Lutheran Conference & Ministerium
1035 Poland Avenue
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601-9521

When your materials have been received, the Chairman of the RIEC will make contact with you by telephone to schedule a mutually agreeable time for your interview with the RIEC for the purpose of considering your application for rostered membership.  We give thanks to God that you are considering and/or have made application to be a rostered Member pastor/ Licensed Minister of our Centrist Lutheran Synod.  Blessings to you in the Name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Upon the approval by the General Conference Executive Board an applicant Pastor or an applicant Licensed Minister Candidate is received as a fully rostered member of the Ministerium of ELCM subject to a 30 day affirmation period beginning with the notification to member pastors and congregations concerning the action of the ELCM Executive Board to approve membership for an applicant.

At the end of the 30 day affirmation period, the Pastor or Licensed Minister candidate approved for membership to the ELCM Ministerium roster by the Executive Board becomes a full rostered member of the ELCM Ministerium.

When a Pastor or Licensed Minister is accepted or is under official Call from an ELCM congregation, mission, or entity or from an ELCM approved congregation, mission, or church entity, the pastor or Licensed Minister is granted full voting privileges.

Pastors or Licensed Ministers who are not under an official call have the privilege of voice but not the privilege of vote.

When a student is endorsed as an ELCM Candidate for ministry, that student subject to the affirmation period of 30 days becomes a Licensed Minister of ELCM under call by the Executive Board of ELCM. Retired Pastors desiring vote in ELCM are granted official Call by the ELCM Executive Board.