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Doctrinal and Praxis Positions

Doctrinal and Praxis Positions

Since we are a very young centrist Lutheran church body we obviously have not had opportunity to enact positions - doctrinal or praxis in nature in a number of areas. Regarding many areas we prefer to wait until we have a larger synodical federation, fellowship, and association of Evangelical Lutheran congregations and pastors established. Such we believe would give us a broader depth of reflection and insight and would better serve us in reaching deliberative consensus on doctrinal positions. However the issue of reception of Word Alone focused Women pastor s is one area that we have thought it important to attempt to reach consensus early in our official ELCM existence. Other areas may arise within this beginning year of our life which will also necessitate our taking a position. As such occur we will set those forth via this directory area.  An ELCM Comparison to other Lutherans


ELCM Doctrinal and Praxis Positions

A. Positions that have achieved ELCM Consensus

Organizational Principles (Now Article I of the Formula of Governance Bylaws)
Constitutional Doctrinal basis Article II & Article III
Membership on the ELCM roster of Word Alone focused ordained Clergy, Male and Female.
Seminary Candidates for the Office of Word and Sacrament Ministry, Male and Female

B. Positions and matters currently under study, reflection and discussion with consensus approval pending.

Shortly after the organization of ELCM we determined to make ELCM available as a Temporary Safe Haven for any and all Lutheran congregations and 
pastors who might need such. As part of that we felt we needed to make provision for Word Alone focused Women pastors and congregations served 
by Word Alone focused women pastors.

During these past months it has become clear that ELCM is unlikely to receive any application for membership by Word Alone focused women pastors and since no applications have been received we have begun a re-examination of our position on the matter.

Some in ELCM favor returning to an earlier proposal known as "Grand mothering" for those women who have been ordained into the ELCA but who are Word Alone in orientation making application to join ELCM with a congregation. Under this proposal Word Alone in focus women pastors serving congregations 
could be received onto the ELCM clergy roster and continue to serve their respective congregation but no further ordinations of Women by ELCM would occur. In the place of the practice of ordaining Women an ELCM program for the training and consecration of women to serve Deaconesses would be developed. It is posited that a Deaconess orientation would be much more in line with the Biblical Witness.

Our willingness to re-open this area for consideration is based upon the WordAlone ELCA movement (WAN) Board of Directors (May 2000) announcement that WAN is readying plans to organize an Association for ELCA Pastors and Congregations as part of their 2nd prong. This WAN development is perceived to change the need for ELCM to provide a temporary safe haven.

The entire matter is only under discussion at this point, however, and in order to replace the above positions regarding Word Alone focused Women pastors will need to gain the support of all ELCM pastors and congregations before replacing the positions set forth under matters achieving consensus as listed above.